In the details


I’ve been learning more and more to embrace and fill the spaces that I have been given. It seems like a simple idea but I tend to let my creative process be in charge of what I make instead of making things that would actually be useful (or that I have a space for) in my life.

Things get cluttered really fast that way.

I bought a car recently though and I am so happy to share a few little things I did to personalize that space.


I wanted something to hang from my mirror and to make a lanyard for my keys. I have a few old key lanyards that I could have used but they were ugly college or work ones and I wanted something pretty. I bought a spool of ribbon for that and attached a cute tassel for fun!


For the rear-view mirror decor I hung a glass bottle with a succulent (PLANTS!) growing in it and another tassel on the side.


And that’s it!

It was super simple. Took me about ten minutes to complete and only cost five dollars but i’m very happy with it. It’s amazing how much difference a few details can make in the appearance or feel of something. Especially in a space that you are in so often as most people are in their cars.

I would like to challenge you to find a space that you are in often that you might not think of normally decorating and add a few details that make the space feel more (happy, fun, peaceful, clean, stylish) you. It’ll be worth it.


Best of luck!



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