Crazy Big Dreams

The subject of dreams is very interesting for me.  Which dreams should I pursue, allow to envelope me, or even think about at all?  Up until the encouragement of a friend, I didn’t have the courage to reach out and accept this dream, or rather idea (at the time).  My mind is now pretty much blown away when I think about it.   Ready for the reveal moment?  The crazy big dream IS: to travel to various countries of the world, establishing our name there (possibly throwing parties and sharing beautiful decorations) while getting to see the world!  As I’m finishing school, holding down two jobs and beginning work as an event decorator, the dream to travel seemed quite impossible.  But, with the suggestion from my friend, why not combine my dream with my job?  Why not become an international event decorator?  If it’s never been done before, well, hey! that’s pretty cool.  If it has been done before, then I’m excited about it pretty much all the same.   Either way, this is my crazy big dream and if I stay faithful here at home with what the Lord has given me, who knows!  Crazy big dreams can come true.

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So this is to you crazy dreamers!  Work hard; don’t just daydream your life away.  DO have crazy big dreams!  But, don’t be afraid to do some hard work, to be faithful in what’s before you.  If you have a dream that just blows your mind away with excitement, tell us about it in a comment below!  Whether you’re waiting to live that dream, or have lived it and relive it often, please share; we’d love to hear!



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