Piano Keys


We recently put our ancient and very off-key piano to the curb. I had been eyeing it for a while, mentally creating with it’s various parts so when it was time to say goodbye, Abby and I went at it with a couple of hammers and wrenches to see what we could salvage.


It took us a while to tear out these lovelies but it was definitely worth it and seeing the inner-workings of that old, remade player-piano, was very cool. All the keys were labeled by a handwritten as well as stamped number so organizing them was relatively simple.


We debated about creating various projects but decided that the simplistic approach, displaying the keys on their own as a peice of art, was statement enough.


We cleaned the keys, lined up a correlating section, and glued two pieces of wood across the back to hold them together. Then, we hammered two sets of sturdy nails into the top cross-piece (two sets since the whole thing ended up being relatively heavy) and strung some twine across the top for hanging.


It ended up really lovely and after our first success we’ve received several requests for the remaining keys.


I love how this turned out. Just lovely! Antique and rustic with the bright, black and white, of the geometric keys. It’s a beautiful statement piece that can fit in anywhere. It has a romantic feel to it that I really love and I hope to incorporate into loads of other projects.


Best of luck!

Libi & Abby.


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