The importance of plants


This post was going to be a DIY on decorating plain Terra cotta pots but not only were there so many different tutorials and ideas already out there that I was afraid of accidentally plagiarizing, but i’m sure you’ve seen them all and are tired of them. I still made some pots and would love to share but I’m mostly going to talk about the wonderful importance of plants in decor.


(Note my spray-panted palms. I find it impossible, and not nearly as fun, to create without making a mess)


I used simple spray painting techniques such as taping a design and painting inside or fading out one color into the other. It was fun and cheap since the pots themselves are so common and inexpensive and I already had most of the paint. I used simple designs so that they wouldn’t distract from the plants or seem too busy. One of the benefits of having living plants in decor is that it adds interesting elements in a relaxing, calm form instead of creating the stressful, busy look that adding another piece is only too prone to doing.


I chose various sizes of pots and added two glass jars and a stump pot that I had made, using different, but simple pieces to create a multi-leveled and interesting assortment.


Live plants in your home are proven to relieve stress and calm your heart rate, helping with focus and relaxation. I love having plants in my home for those reasons and the fact that they are just lovely.

I bought these in a set of 25 succulent and cactus clippings online from Sara’s succulents, an Etsy shop ( It was very affordable considering most of these plants are a couple dollars a piece at most stores.


In the next couple of months we are going to be happy to share with you more posts on DIY’s or party decor including plants in ways that you hopefully haven’t seen before. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am about some of the things we have planned!

Best of luck!
Hanging succulent for your rear-view mirror (in my post on adding fun details to your car):

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