Winter Party

Friday, January 3rd we hosted our winter party. It was long-expected and turned out lovely. We were so glad that people could make it. It was the perfect way to herald in the new year. Laughter and joy abounded.



The theme was winter (suprise!) and we used our streamers to set a base of white on the ceiling, irregularly hung to give the limited amount depth and create an illusion of more streamers than there really were, and as a backdrop paired with twinkle lights. With white as our base, we added the fresh green of frasier fir branches (Our dismembered Christmas tree. RIP) and we sprinkled cranberries around as well. We also dusted the fir branches with powdered sugar to give them a frosted over look. (I’m afraid that in our flurry to prepare, and our relief at being done with decorating, we neglected to get closeups of some of the decor so you are just going to have to take my word on some of this). We brought all these looks together on the tables and added candles for more warm light.


Paper Diamonds furthered the natural look while broadening our color scheme with a couple of different grays, greens, blues, and browns/neutrals. It was subtle but still interesting. We had a lot of fun with this palate, picking the colors that most felt like winter.


Unfortunately, prep was not one of the highlights of this event for us. Seeing our thoughts and vision come to fruition was rewarding as always but the physical work was arduous and it took us more than ten hours just to set up. We stuck with it though and Abby and I have learned so much through this experience. The blessed fellowship definitely made it worth it.






This weekend was so much fun and it’s difficulties only furthered Abby and I’s experience in event planning and decorating. We are so thankful for all the help we received as well (there was a lot of it). It ended up being my favorite event that we’ve done so far.

Happy new year and the Lord’s blessings be with you.

Libi and Abby


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