Visions of Winter Parties

Well, the brainstorming has begun in earnest!  There are no visions of sugarplums dancing around in our heads; instead ideas of  glittering lights, tables overflowing with holiday food, and ceilings decked in their best colors are taking shape while we sleep.  As these ideas were being tossed back and forth, Liberty wanted to explain what had formed inside her head in regard to the Winter Party we’re throwing the 3rd of January.  We both have a bit of a “geeky” side, and well, that comes out sometimes in how we relate to one another.  Ideas flow so much faster this way.  Here is a portion of Libi’s emails to me, enlightening me as to how this party should look.  Hope you enjoy a bit of her masterful imagination at work!
‘What i’m seeing in my head for this party is something clean and fresh. The clean slate of the sea of white on the ceiling, peppered with golden lights. The fresh wintery smell and natural look of fir branches along with other natural elements intermixed into the decorations. A few candles here and there to add warmth along with more twinkle lights. The food is simple and elegant; cakes, simply decorated, popcorn, some candy, and hot drinks. All laden with fruit, fir branches, and dusted with powdered sugar. Other details might include warm fabrics with pretty patterns or a pop of a pretty solid color and wooden/twig/branch accents.
I want it to have the feel of home… if you lived in a cottage in the English countryside and were pulling out a few cakes for your friends, the Pevensies, who were coming in out of the snow, where they just met up with a few Dwarves who were dreadfully hungry. Oh, and who’s this? Why, it’s Sherlock Holmes and John Watson! Sherlock thinks that the decor is a bit shabby (Despite John trying to make him say something nice) but he never did understand the sentimentality of the season. John is seconding the opinions of the dwarves (Who he is getting on remarkably well with) who say that it is definately about time for some cake despite your attempts to stave off their hunger by giving them tankards of hot cider mixed with your best brandy. Lucy is kind enough to help you in the kitchen and the Pevensie boys (or men, I should say) assure you that they are not in the least bit of a hurry and the others can’t actually be as starving as they say because they well nigh had a feast earlier when they ran into father Christmas, who was on his way back to the north pole and relinquished his last load of goodies to them as to make his trip back all the lighter on his reindeer who, by this time, were quite tired (as is to be expected). Sherlock is just exclaiming, rather loudly, that he cannot for the life of him understand why people feel the need to bring the outdoors indoors, much to John’s frustration, when who should come through the door but the whole of the Weasley family! Well, you thought there was going to be plenty (even with a room of hungry dwarves) but now there is sure to be a shocking lack- Oh, thank heavens, Mrs. Weasley had the forethought to bring extra food and most of it, despite her son’s determination to get a good taste of it all beforehand, made it safe and sound. Everything is in a crazy bustle for a few minutes until Peter takes control (once a King or Queen in Narnia always.. able to organize of a giant mess of different races and start a game circle while (Lucy) passing out steaming mugs of tea or cider… I’ve heard the saying another way but this is more accurate to the situation) Then, in relative quite, mixed with laughter and the occational joyous shout of a winner you are able to serve up cakes. Still warm from the oven with frosting and sugar melting onto the plate and generously covered in fruits, much to everyones quiet delight. Even Sherlock has to admit that despite the apparent waste of sugar for “Dusting! What a silly term! It shows a shocking waste of resources. Why not incorporate it into the cake if it is so necessary?”
“Well, I guess we couldn’t expect a man who only has one outfit, of mostly one color, to understand the lovelieness of decorations!” replied John.
“Oh, and I suppose your extravagant sweaters are the pinnacle of taste, John!”
“At least i’m not afraid of color”
“I’m not afraid of color. I take offense of that suggestion. I just don’t see the need”
But eventually even those two (such unlikely friends) stop quarreling to enjoy their cake, the crackle of the fire, and the company of good friends. ‘

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