Pie party!

We promised to share a few smaller events with you (dinner parties, brunches, birthdays) and we hope that through these you would be able to get a sense of how we work, develop thoughts, and create an event out of just an idea. A larger event would of course have its own challenges and look different but we hope you can see, through these much smaller parties, how we would be able to furnish and decorate for a much larger space.



With the arrival of sweater weather and fall feelings comes the urge to taste as well as feel all the autumn/colder weather inspired foods and beverages. And what is more anticipated during these months than pie and cider?! These were the speculations that drove us toward the planning and execution of our pie party. We served five different kinds of pie and a giant bowl of hot, fruity cider that (when served with fellowship and laughter) warmed our hearts to their centers.



We used pieces from nature as well the natural look of paper and neutral-colored fabrics contrasted with metallic wire and glass to give the look of multiple characteristics. The completely natural elements seen in the leaves, logs, cranberries, and pinecones also added authenticity to the fabric pumpkins, wire vines, and paper creations and created a fresh and natural, but still designed, feel.


Aren’t these paper pie boxes just darling? The template can be found here: http://www.ruthannzaroff.com/mirkwooddesigns/templates.htm

We painted them to look like pieces of pie and they can be used to send home pieces of pie with your guests!



Psalm 67:6 “The earth has yielded its harvest. God blesses us-our God blesses us!” Oh yes he has and still continues to!


We had a lot of fun baking and sharing these treats with friends and family and look forward to many more small events to share with you. Look for the different elements of this post such as recipes and DIY’s presented in their own individual posts throughout the holidays (along with some fresh ideas as well!).

This look could easily be transformed into a larger event by taking many of the focal elements such as the banner, logs, and branches and creating larger centerpieces to fill a larger area. We would most likely develop the metallic wire accent into something more noticeable as well while incorporating more fabric in a banner or other hanging piece.

Best of luck!

Libi & Abby


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