Busy with Merriment

Libi and I are pleased to announce that we are working on a couple of events at the moment!  These events are coming up in about two months.  The holidays are always busy enough, but now they will be the busiest I have ever lived to see them be!  Here are the fun festivities we get to create!

The first of the two events on our calendar is on the page for the month of January.  And this joyous occasion happens to be on Friday the 3rd.  Libi and I are actually  the hostesses of this party, and began our brainstorming last month.  We have quite a ways to go before the actual party, so we’re taking our time, slowing putting together our thoughts, researching the best places to get supplies, and planning this event down to the bare bone details (aka, those heavy tables and chairs that our guests must sit on and at!).  We are looking forward to this event in particular because it is unlike any party we have ever been to, or hosted!  This is not the typical “modern” party.  It will instead be a time of fellowship, games, punch, with interspersed dancing.  After all of the holidays are over, this will be a great end to Christmas/New Year’s break; a last chance to get together with friends near, and even others who are not so near, before school begins again.

The second event we have planned so far is also in January.  A mere THREE days after our last event! Our church is hosting this event as an Epiphany Party.   Libi and I will be putting together the color scheme, decorations, and any other bits and pieces we are directed to do.




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