You can learn a lot about a person by their desk

We want you to be able to get to know us through this blog so we thought that it would only be right to share with you the special space where we spend quite a lot of our time and where most of our creative process takes place.

Libi’s Desk:


I have nine siblings. Personal space is a rare commodity and the scantness of it makes it precious. I always viewed my desk as a very special place and I’ve enjoyed every moment spent making it my own. I update it quite often but (luckily for you) I think that you find it in one of it’s better versions.


I recently painted on the chalkboard surface and it’s been just lovely to be able to write down my thoughts and ideas as soon as they come to me.


 Admiring my version of a watercolor paper garland? Find the tutorial here:


(By C. S. Lewis, my hero.) I love having inspirational quotes where I can see them. Words can be such beautiful and powerful things.


My desk is perfect for me because it holds many things (I tend to hoard). I have dozens of folders tucked neatly on a shelf underneath my desk and all of my most frequently needed craft supplies are in pullout drawers in the front. Besides that it’s just nice that I can display anything and everything I want on the wall in front. It is extremely convenient as well as being my prettiest space.

Thanks for letting me share!

Abby’s desk:


Hello all!  My need for having everything organized and in its proper place translates right over to what my desk looks like. As the oldest child in my family, I have always tried, and still try, to be a second mother to my dear younger brother, and always try to be precise in my work.


This bookshelf is a new addition! My dad did a fantastic job helping me put it up properly; I couldn’t have done it without him! A few of my favorites and current reads sit above my desk.  I love reading, and wish I could have more time to do so, but alas!  School.


This little camera is new also! I have recently gotten into shooting Polaroids and love it!  I have so much to learn, and it is going to be such a fun experience, and I know that even the “messed-up” pictures will become wonderful memories.


Ever since I first saw this saying I loved it, even before I knew it’s origin and history (which if you don’t know either, here is a lovely video on it: ) It is such a good reminder, especially when life makes me feel quite “uncalm”.


My desk, in all its simplicity, is the perfect place for me to study, catch up on emails, and even blog about the desk I sit at!  Organization and simplicity are calling out their own names to me whenever I look at my desk.  And, though some may think it too simple and therefore boring, for me it is perfect.  So, there is my desk, in all it’s simplicity.




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