Miniature Diorama DIY

I love Dioramas and miniature things. So, miniature dioramas are some of my favorites.

Today, I’m going to give you the formula for making your own! Diorama is a loose term and what makes these miniature works of art so special is detail and individuality. So i’m not going to help you out too much.


1. Find a box! And size or shape. I really like the matchbox style with a sleeve (like the one in the gif above) but i’m using a standard, open at the top box for my example. I cut down the sides and taped it at the bottom to turn the front/top into a flap. But again, this is a just a rough outline, feel free to find any style or size that you like or just have hanging around.


2. Make a background on the inside of your box for whatever is going to be your main focal point. It’s a small space so don’t think you are going to be able to reach behind stuff to decorate the back later. Ain’t gonna happen!


3. To give your diorama depth you can draw or color art and attatch it to the sides, bottom, or prop it up by putting something underneith (Anything to get it up off of the surface of your background a little bit), or you can use actual miniature 3d objects. Attatch and arrange these things the way you want them to look with glue or tape.


4. Decorate the outside. You don’t have to add words if you don’t want to. I love the look of them though. It’s like a story. You want the colors and style of the outside to correlate pretty closely with the inside. You only have a small space, don’t try to overacheive it will only seem untidy.


That’s it! you can use those basic rules for making any kind of diorama that you like! Be creative, have fun!

Best of luck!



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