Watercolor Art Garland DIY



We are very happy to share this garland with you (Our first DIY!). It’s a modern take on watercolors, with overlapping pieces and geometric shapes combined with the subtle and pretty look of this paint.

Step 1. Paint sheets of paper (preferably neutral) with the watercolors.  This is the creative part, so let you creativity flow out through your paint brushes and onto the paper!



Step 2. Cut your painted paper into various shapes and sizes once the paint has dried.


We used shaped-scissors and even ripped the paper to get the looks we wanted.


Step 3. Arrange the pieces the way you would like them to look on the garland. You can overlap the peices or leave space inbetween. But remember that the closer the pieces are the bolder they will look.


Step 4. Sew it all together! It’s best to sew nearer to the tops of the pieces so that their weight doesn’t flip your garland upside-down when it is hung.



It’s possible a couple pieces may need to be trimmed to your liking…


That’s it! The most important “step” of all: display your art!

Best of luck!



2 thoughts on “Watercolor Art Garland DIY

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