Sweet sixteen birthday dance!


June 2012 we had the joy of hosting a sweet sixteen, birthday dance at our church for our own Abby of Bricolaged events. It was pink and oh, so poofy with tissue paper pom poms of different colors and shades to match the birthday girl’s tulle dress (Which she made from scratch, the talented girl!). We strung up hundreds of pink streamers which were attached in the middle of the room and spread out above the dance floor, interweaving with the twinkle lights above.


We made a “cake” out of cake pops for our guests to snack on (Okay, we had some too. They were tasty.) and the shape and colors also coordinated with our simple color palette and elaborate decorations.  All of the cake pops, well over a hundred, were baked, dipped, and decorated in our kitchens.  They were fun to make, and all the time it took produced a lovely and delicious treat!


We love dancing and the fellowship was so good! We are immensely glad that all our friends were able to come and enjoy this celebration with us.


Decorating for this dance was so much fun and we were blessed by the experience.  This was our first official event and looking back on it reminds me of how much we have learned, what a wonderful time it was, and the vast amount of joy present. May you have as much fun in your future celebrations!


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