Book Themed Baby Shower


This happy gathering was absolutely lovely and we had such a wonderful time helping and love how everything turned out! As only co-hosts and helpers for a few specific decorations, we weren’t nearly as involved as in other events, but it was still a joy and blessing to help the beautiful hostesses. The lovely mommy-to-be is tremendously book wise so it was only suiting to throw her a book themed shower; with quotes, storybooks, and book pages folded into intricate wreaths, it suited her style perfectly!ImageImageImageImage

Isn’t she just beautiful?


       The wonderful (and official) hosts. It was a joy to work with these ladies for such a wonderful celebration!             Libi and I were so blessed to be a part of the “behind-the-scene” work for this shower.



For the poor books who selflessly donated themselves to the making of these beautiful wreaths and all decorations, my deepest thanks.  But, with all seriousness, we thank the hosts of this beautiful event for all of the            work they did in blessing our dear mommy-to-be and for giving us an opportunity to contribute to this             happy shower!




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